Voice over IP (VoIP) offers major improvements to traditional communication networks, and as a result, legacy analogue phone systems are on their way out. Ten years ago, 80% of homes had landlines, but today that number is down to 43%— and businesses are following this trend as well. Traditional analogue communication systems were commonly used when users only had the need to use one line for one conversation at a time and used only one phone number. This system used older technology, such as copper phone lines to transmit analogue voice data.

Although VoIP is becoming the go-to technology for communications, it is important to acknowledge that certain markets cannot convert to a new VoIP solution. This may be due to the lack of quality internet infrastructure where traditional landlines are the only source of connectivity and in many instances, end-users are protective over their existing phone hardware and are unwilling to have to them replaced. In these situations, a hybrid VoIP solution can deliver the flexibility and power of an IP solution while catering for the existing hardware and infrastructure limitations of the end-user.

One of the most common reasons why businesses are reluctant to move over to VoIP is because of the existing infrastructure of their telephony network. A completely new communications deployment may be something that can scare a company, especially small to medium-sized businesses who have limited resources. An easy way to work around this is to construct a hybrid VoIP solution that maintains the initial analogue infrastructure while taking on the benefits that VoIP and SIP have to offer. An FXS gateway can connect to the legacy analogue telephone, while also connecting to an IP PBX. Seamlessly integrating incoming VoIP trunks and an IP infrastructure with the existing analogue devices.

A full end-to-end analogue communication with IP Connectivity

VoIP to legacy analogue telephone

Analogue lines to IP Solution

VoIP is rapidly on its way to being the standard in communications, but there will always be situations where maintaining analogue deployments are not only more cost-effective but far more efficient. That’s why being able to clearly identify these roadblocks and understand how to construct a hybrid solution around them can be the difference between a good voice system and a great telephony network.


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